Simple Design Pincushion

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Hello, Folks!

I hope everyone’s Saturday is going well 🙂
I wanted to share my simple pincushion design.
I used vintage Japanese silk, which I bought on and green satin that I had on hand.
I cut 4.25″ rounds pieces of each and hand sewed 1/4″ in around the edging with the good side facing each other. Once sewn with a 2-inch gap, I pull it inside out and I stuffed it with eco fill and finished by sewing up the gap with a blanket stitch.
I picked out two buttons, a green thread to match in 4 feet in length so I can double it up for strength and thickness. Begin by sewing the bottom button, then take the thread to wrap one side and come up from the bottom button. Repeat this till you have five threads wrapped around the pincushion to give it a quilt effect. Take you 2nd button and sew on the top of the pincushion.


Now, a place to store your fancy pins!
I’m big on hand sewing, I find it most enjoyable 🙂

Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

_Cute Fluff