How to make a Uzi out of foam board or cardboard

Hello Folks!

Welcome to my little “how to make your own uzi” page  🙂
Have you ever wanted to make your own set of uzis? I’m so excited to share with you how I made mine.

So I often make my own props for my cosplay costumes. What is cosplay? It’s the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. I love it!
I will be dressing up as, Alice, from the movie: Resident Evil: Apocalypse. She uses two uzis in the film and they were a must for my costume.resident2-

The weaponry she is carrying are, Heckler & Koch MP5K, I believe. I needed a pair, so I set my mind on making them. Here’s how you can too 🙂

Stuff you need:

  • Black Foam Boardit will save time and paint with having to paint everything in black. Got mine at a Dollar store for $1.75
  • 2 x cardboard tubes, dense/firmgot mine from the empties of a tin foil roll
  • 2 x corks with topsI collect corks from alcohol bottles. What can I say, I’m a pack-rat 😉
  • Keyring with a piece to attach to endI had odd and ends. I can’t be the only pack-rat on here!?
  • Scissors & a Saco Knife
  • 2 x narrow plastic or cardboard tubes – 😉
  • Narrow tweezersthis tool helped a lot for those hard to reach or small pieces.
  • Black electric tape
  • Velcro tape
  • Soft foamyep, had that around too.
  • Thin cardboardused this for sandwiching the mags to give it dimension 
  • Clear Acrylic Sealer Aerosol Spray
  • Hot glue gun and sticks – I recommend the Brand, Arrow Fastener. I love the safety features on it and that it has a high and low setting. Works great for me.
  • All-Purpose Glue
  • Mod-Podge (for paper)
  • Black Clay Paint – I used American Paint Company
  • Black and silver acrylic paint – I used the black paint for cardboard tube and edges of the foam board. Silver was for detail.
  • Paint brush and small piece of sponge
  • Black permant sharpie
  • Pencil and paperdraw 2 pictures of the type of Uzi you wish to create as a reference and a stencil.
  • Ruler


First, you will have to draw out your uzi on paper.

I made a few errors but I finally got it 🙂

Now, trace this on another piece of paper from a window. You will cut this one out – I kept the other for backup. Now cut out again the main detailed pieces to trace out on the black foam board. Don’t forget about your mags, trace and cut them out too. (mine is not pictured at the moment.)

I left out the extra grip piece. I suggest to use another piece of cardboard tubing or what I used was plastic tubing.


I cut foam board circles out and hot glued them on both ends.


To add dimension, I suggest another larger piece of the muzzle. Glue the pieces onto the main base, like so. ( I just used regular glue here. Allow to dry.)

While you wait, prepare the muzzle tube. Cut foam board circles out and hot glue them on the ends. With your pencil and ruler draw out a slot where you will put the little corks.

With a careful hand, cut out the narrow slots with your saco knife. Now again, being careful shave off bits from the corks. Don’t shave off too much!

Now this will be tricky! To prevent the corks’ from being pulled out, I hot glued a small piece of foam board to the bottom of the corks’ inside the slot. Practice with your tweezers before attempting as it took some patience and know how before it worked.

Yay! It worked!

Since you have the hot glue gun ready, add the odds & ends. I painted mine with black clay paint since they were all metal pieces as acrylic paint wouldn’t hold up well. Clay paint is awesome XD

Now, hot glue the tube onto the base of the uzi. I suggest the high setting on the hot glue gun to make sure it’s good to go when you move the cork back and forth for effect. 😉

Ok, I take that back, this is the tricky part. Adding the foam board pieces all around the uzis to make it even / not too thick in width.

This part took me the longest to figure out, but I did. Now, it’s time to paint!


What my craft table looks like and my completed painted uzis. 🙂

Hope you didn’t forget your mags?! Your mags need more dimension too. To do this, I traced out onto a thin cardboard piece and sandwiched it between two foam board pieces. Again, I just used regular glue for this. Let dry. Now paint the edges with black acrylic paint to hide the brown cardboard. Once the paint dries add some detail by adding silver paint to the mags.
To have removable mags for your uzis, I used velcro for this application.

Place one piece of velcro inside the uzi and the opposite piece onto the mag. Line them up before doing this!  Lock and load!

To protect the mags paint, I placed one coat of mod-podge (paper kind). Let dry.

Get your triggers ready! Because of the width of the Uzis, I made x4 triggers. Find a flexible foam. I used a black permanent sharpie to color them. Worked great!


Now its time to give some detail to the uzis! I used a metallic silver paint 🙂

Almost done! I then hot glued strips of foam board, ( that was left over,) at the top / end of the muzzle to create the sights. Super cool!

To finish, I sprayed two / three coats of the Plaid clear acrylic sealer.

Yay! We’re all done!

Check out my video I posted on YouTube as a “show and tell” here.