How to Crinkle / Scrunched Seam Binding

Multiple Colors of Rayon Seam Binding.

Hello Fellow Friends,

I have decided to share how to crinkle seam binding. What is seam binding? It’s a densely woven, lightweight, thin ribbon. Usually, people use it for trim, hem tape, seam binding and my favorite, as an embellishment. I also love it because of its capability to crinkle or scrunch which gives any project a nice texture. It’s also really easy to work with and I often use it to replace Polyester ribbon, which usually is too stiff and thick. I have vintage rayon seam binding from either the 50’s and 60’s, but you can buy new online or your local fabric store. I recommend buying online as more colors are available and make sure you buy rayon over polyester as it’s stiffer and thicker. The brand I use and is still around today is, ” Hug Snug.”

Hug Snug! The rayon seam binding always comes in to save the day for my projects.

Okay, let’s get started! What you will need:

  • 5 ft. of Rayon Seam Binding
  • Large steel or plastic bowl
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Elastics or twist ties but make sure their white as the colored ones could stain. 😦  I learned that the hard way but luckily only one took a bit of green.

I suggest cutting 5 ft. of your seam binding at a time as it’s the most manageable and efficient. To avoid a mess I use a large bowl but a large tray works too.


Sprits the rayon ribbon with your spray bottle of water until damp but not soaking wet.


Take your fingers and scrunch the ribbon into a tight ball.


You then take your elastic, use about three or two and wrap them around to hold the ribbon in place. In their ball form, set aside to dry overnight.

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I did a bunch of them!

 Once you allow your bundles to semi dry overnight, remove all elastic/twist ties and fluff your newly crinkled seam binding. You will need more dry time as they will be still slightly damp. Once you’ve giving them time to fully dry, your new embellishment is ready to use.

All done!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial as much as I did. Now you can make as many seam binding bows as you want for your projects and have that elegant look too.