Felt with Love: Felt Hearts, Flowers and Much More (Author) Madeleine Millington

Hello, Folks!

I’d like to share a craft book review.

Felt with Love: Felt Hearts, Flowers and Much More
Author: Madeleine Millington

If you love felt material like I do, this is a must have for your craft book collection. It’s colorful, filled with 15 cute, fun and simple projects all made from felted wool. The instructions are easy to follow with step-by-step photographs for each project. Madeleine also explains various stitching, embellishment techniques and how to dye fabrics. 🙂

This craft book is one of my favorites for being solely a hand stitcher. I personally do not own a sewing machine and prefer to keep it that way. I have more fun working and creating with only a needle and thread. You can work with any sort of felt with these projects: synthetic felt, wool felt or felted fabrics such as a wool blanket, an old tweed skirt or a scarf. Unfortunately, Madeleine doesn’t share the trick about making pieces like a wool blanket felted to use for projects and wished she did. Overall, I recommend this book for people who love to hand stitch, create cute items for gifts or for the home and working with felt.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have fun crafting.