Vintage T.V. Trays to New

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Hello Friends,

Tomorrow is Canada Day, July 1st and I hope everyone has a safe and fun day!
I decided to do a little project the other day with vintage 1970’s metal t.v. trays. It used to be a set a four, but one was forgotten somewhere years ago. My mom gave them to me  knowing I couldn’t say no.  You don’t see metal t.v. trays anymore!
I wanted them to become modern so decided on a shimmering bronze spray paint. You can find such at your local hardware store. I recommend, Rust-oleum, universal advanced formula, all-surface paint. The color I picked up is actually called, aged copper. The finish is spiffy and it sprayed beautifully. I’ll share a pic of the can.


I should have used a primer because it took four coats to completely cover the bright colors of the t.v. trays.

After two coats


Oh well. I had fun and I like the finished look. I love making something old into something new again. Maybe, I have inspired you to instead of throwing that item out but get creative and give it a fresh new look. You save money in the process! It was a $8 dollar project!

Here are the finished trays!

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I want to wish everyone a HAPPY CANADA DAY!

_Cute Fluff