Micro Needle Felted Teddy Bear

2 cm needle felted bear

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share my tiny creation of only 2cm tall! He is done by the art of needle felting. He is made of dark and light blue dyed roving wool and two tiny glass beads.

It’s incredible, but tiny creations do not mean it’ll be a faster process with needle felting. It takes just as long or longer still because you work slower for the craft. Yes, sometimes you poke yourself. OUCH! Luckily, there are tools out there to help you with managing those finger pokes and I use them all the time. Here are just some of my items I use with needle felting. I believe they are worthwhile buying as they help with speed and it’s less painful. LOL. Mind you I am a better needle felter from my occasional pokes.

Needle Felting Tools (2)


Here are more pictures of the tiny 2cm teddy I completed for a gift. The little guy took me 4 hours! Crazy I know, but it is so satisfying to me with the finished product. I created this! 😀

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