Snow Covered Decorative Bottle Vases

Milk glass jars transformed (11)
Hello Folks!

Today, I want to share a quick tutorial on how to make your very own “snow-covered” bottle vases. I love taking something someone else would have thrown out and make it into something useful once again. In this case, I took two glass milk bottles from the East and West Coast that I collected from traveling at different times.

Things you will need:

  • Glass or Plastic Bottle
  • Epsom Salt (Large Bag or Container)
  • White paint
  • Foam or paint brush
  • All Purpose Permanent Tacky Spray (Aleene’s)
  • Shallow Square Box or Container
  • Flat Cardboard
  • Wax Paper
  • Ribbon

Before you start your new project, make sure your bottle or jar is thoroughly cleaned. Begin by painting your bottle white, avoid painting the rim and allow it to dry for two hours. I painted a second coat but you could need three coats. I recommend allowing it to fully dry over night to avoid any mishaps.
Once the bottle is dry, you can now begin the fun part. Take your flat cardboard pieces and place them flat onto your work station, this helps protect the surface from the Tacky Spray. Pour about four cups of Epsom Salts into the chosen container and place it in the center of your work station. Spray your bottle on one side, starting from the top and in a down direction. Place the sticky side into the pile of Epsom Salt in your container. Do this until all sides are fully covered. Place your bottle onto a sheet of wax paper to avoid the bottom from sticking to a surface.
Allow your first coat to fully dry, I gave it about 1 hour but the product directions state only 30 minutes. I did this process about twice to make sure the bottle had no large spaces without the “snow” effect.

Aleene's Tacky Spray
Aleene’s Tacky Spray

Once your done with your coats and it’s no longer tacky, make sure to spray a protective coat of Tacky Spray. This helps keep the loose exterior Epsom salts from flaking off; give the completed bottle a generous amount. Allow the bottle to fully dry for another 30 mins or one hour.
I still have Epsom salts flaking off slightly off the bottles but not as bad if I didn’t have a couple of coats of Tacky Spray.
Your done!
You can leave your bottle without any decoration or you can make a big Xmas bow to attach around the rim. I choose settle natural colors for my bottles and placed my favorite flowers, Lilacs, in them. I have pictures with and without the ribbons. I use them all year round.

I love the look! Thank you for stopping by and I hope your happy with your outcome in making your own Snow Covered Bottles.