Needle Felting Machines!!

Here is my new toy!!

Addi Quick Hobby – The TURBO Felting Machine, 120V
German made.

Originally, the handheld felting machine was only in European AC power plugs but finally it’s available 120V North American plug ends.

You will receive in package:

1 – Addi Quick electric felting tool
1 – pack of needles – 3 medium, 3 fine gauge
1 – instruction booklet
1 – 2-pin plug with cord

addi Quick Felting Machine Feb. 2015 (5)

My Christmas Present! 2014
My Christmas Present! 2014

Here’s me opening for the first time!

Unfortunately, the North American version doesn’t include a DVD like the European ones do.addi Quick Felting Machine Feb. 2015 (8)


addi Quick Felting Machine Feb. 2015 (4)
addi Quick Felting Machine Feb. 2015 (1)

The addi Quick Hobby – The TURBO Felting Machine is 2500 RPM – very powerful!
I was scared at first; power tools and I aren’t well acquaintant. You hold the machine on the slender spot where you can turn it off and on with your index finger. Your hands grip should be firm as you guide the machine. So if you have weak hands, I would strengthen them beforehand with those squeeze balls. (NOVA Medical Products Exercise Squeeze Ball, Orange (soft))

It says children up to 12 years can use this, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. The barbed needle is very sharp and it’s a blur as the needle is on. The steel needle does go into the plastic tip to protect the needle and from poking yourself by accident. I really like that feature.

When working always keep it straight. If the needle breaks which will happen if you bend it in a weird direction, it’s easy to replace by twisting off the black tip and white cap holding the needle in place. Be very careful so you don’t stab yourself! Remove the broken needle and replace with a new barb needle with either the 32G (for small details) or 38G (for large projects and forming) and slightly tighten in place. Very gently pull up on the needle to make sure it doesn’t dislodge. Twist back on the black tip and you’re done.

Using this machine takes practice for sure! I noticed the machine felts incredibly faster, but it is aggressive so the wool fibres break down a bit. I noticed too it doesn’t felt if the tip isn’t touching the wool completely. It also works best when you keep you direction a straight line, up, down and side to side.

The 2500 RMP motor is not too loud. It’s quieter than a hand blender.

The verdict: I love my new felting tool! I’m excited saving time with my projects. I will still do my needle felting the old fashion way but will grab the Addi Quick to help with the process and main forming.

Where to buy:

I was lucky and I found the North American version at, Richmond, BC, Canada

Also Amazon!
addi QUICK HOBBY felting machine PLUS (addon Felting Needles+Felting Pad+Case (850+851+852+855))