How to make a Uzi (Prop)


Hello Everyone!

I want to share my newest “how to” post 🙂
I made two uzis for my coming up cosplay costume. I am planning on dressing up as, Alice from Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I’m so excited!
resident 2 Movie

I’ll share my complete cosplay once I’m done but I wanted to share how I made the uzis and how you can make your own as well. It was a lot of work and time but they were a lot of fun for me. I enjoy the props aspect of cosplay the best.

Join me here to begin your uzi 🙂


Poetry of Vintage Times : Vintage Lace



Lace from vintage times,

Touches an age when women sat on sturdy oak chairs,

Flowing and layered skirts,

As time ticked by,

Delicate lace is created with hands working in candle light,

or sunlight broke through the single pane glass windows,

When women would gather and keep each other company while tots played,

The age when strong threads were only made,

Hand weaved into beautiful and intricate fine pieces of art,

Vintage Lace tells a story of long hours as each piece is planned

and once the journey begins to ends.

Vintage Lace reflects an age when quality mattered not quantity.


Copyrighted by CuteFluff
This poem is a reflection of my love of all things vintage. I hope you like it. XD_Crista


New Craft Book Review

Hello Folks,

I wanted to share my latest craft book review!

Felt with Love: Felt Hearts, Flowers and Much More
Author: Madeleine Millington

I love cute items and I love working with anything felt. Madeleine instructions are easy to follow and the books photography is bright and colorful.

Check out my complete review here.


Tiny Toques / Beanies with Pompoms

Hello, Folks!

What do you do with a sturdy cardboard tube and yarn? Make little hats, of course!!
Come join me if you want to do a craft of recycling and reusing up scraps of yarn.
I hate wasting and I want to encourage the world that something that could have gone in the garbage could instead become something else entirely.
They’re fun to make with kids or on your own. Give them as gifts, add them to heads of teddy bears or stick them on your jacket with a pin. Super cute!

Join me here!


Happy Holidays!

Hello, Folks!

I want to say to all my crafting friends, Happy Holidays! I hope you all have an awesome time with your family and friends, it’s a time to eat plenty and be merry. No more stressing! Take a deep breath and say it’s not supposed to be perfect. Do we remember those perfect moments? No, we remember those silly moments when you forget to stuff the turkey.

Here I am, showing off my mom’s scarf and mitts she made me. I love the colors! Thanks again, mom ❤

We’ll see you folks in the new year,  2016!


Snow Covered Decorative Bottle Vases

Milk glass jars transformed (11)

Hello Folks!

I hope you’ve been well!
I want to share my latest tutorial of how to reuse glass or plastic bottles. All you need is space, Epsom salts, Tacky spray and time.
You can check it out here.  The once useless bottles will become useful again! Make them into beautiful vases for dried flowers or other decorations.

Thank you for visiting!


How To Make A Cardboard Shield

Hello Folks,

I wanted to share my newest tutorial of how to make your own shield for your Halloween, plays and cosplays costumes. It was a lot of fun but it does take preparation. I give a full detail instruction of how its done here. Check it out, if you want a cooler and more unique shield.

Thank you for visiting CuteFluff!

How to Crinkle / Scrunched Seam Binding


Hello Fellow Friends,

I have decided to share a tutorial on how to crinkle your own seam binding. What is seam binding? It’s a densely woven, lightweight, thin ribbon. I use it strictly for embellishments like bows. If you would like to learn how to create textured bows for your projects use Rayon Seam Binding and click here. The brand I use is, ” Hug Snug,” and I highly recommend it. I love their color assortments and excellent quality.


I wish you well and I hope you’re enjoying this Autumn season.


Cardboard Shelving!

Hello, Folks!

I wanted to share my newest creation! Cardboard Shelving!

If you want to see how I made them and/or you want to make your own, then check out my newest tutorial here.

I hope you have fun making your own shelf units and maybe send me pictures of your creations. I would love to see them 🙂

Bye for now,