Basket Renewed!

Ugly Basket Needs a FaceLift!

Hello, Folks! How’s the summer treating you? I hope everyone is staying hydrated. Where I live in Northern Alberta has been hot, +28 – +32 degrees Celsius! Yikes! Too hot! I wanted to share my little idea to give a boring brown basket a FACELIFT! Originally, I was going to get rid of it but decided it can still be useful just a whole different look!

I used just regular paint you find at Wal-Mart. It took two coats. I could have painted the weave base a 3rd time as its dye was bleeding thru but decided I like the rustic look šŸ™‚ The trim is unique orange that I created from adding a bit of white paint to the loud and bright orange that I had on hand. I hope I inspired you to also take something that you were going to get rid of and giving it new life! Please take care my friends! _Cute Fluff