Snow Covered Decorative Bottle Vases

Milk glass jars transformed (11)

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I want to share my latest tutorial of how to reuse glass or plastic bottles. All you need is space, Epsom salts, Tacky spray and time.
You can check it out here.  The once useless bottles will become useful again! Make them into beautiful vases for dried flowers or other decorations.

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How To Make A Cardboard Shield

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I wanted to share my newest tutorial of how to make your own shield for your Halloween, plays and cosplays costumes. It was a lot of fun but it does take preparation. I give a full detail instruction of how its done here. Check it out, if you want a cooler and more unique shield.

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A Pillar of a Find

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It was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood and decided to do some crafting outside.
I wanted to share my garage sale find! I always wanted a Roman style pillar in my possession and I found mine at a garage sale!
What you see is a completed spray painted pillar. I used Rust-oleum, Universal All-Surface (Satin Nickel – Metallic).
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture but originally the pillar was in an ivory color, dirty and the paint was flaking off in chunks revealing the plaster underneath.
By itself the pillar was ugly but I saw the potential for greatness!
I decided a beautiful coat of paint would allow its beauty to shine thru. The old paint had to come off and my patient hubby helped with the sanding 🙂

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It took two coats which almost used the whole can of spray paint. Once the warm sun-dried the fresh paint, I brought in my new pillar. What do you think? 🙂
Does it have a classy look? I even enjoy the bottom flaw which gives it authentic antiquity.

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