Tiny Toques / Beanies with Pompoms

Hello, Folks!

What do you do with a sturdy cardboard tube and yarn? Make little hats, of course!!
Come join me if you want to do a craft of recycling and reusing up scraps of yarn.
I hate wasting and I want to encourage the world that something that could have gone in the garbage could instead become something else entirely.
They’re fun to make with kids or on your own. Give them as gifts, add them to heads of teddy bears or stick them on your jacket with a pin. Super cute!

Join me here!


How To Make A Cardboard Shield

Hello Folks,

I wanted to share my newest tutorial of how to make your own shield for your Halloween, plays and cosplays costumes. It was a lot of fun but it does take preparation. I give a full detail instruction of how its done here. Check it out, if you want a cooler and more unique shield.

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