Wooden Key Holders

Wooden Star Key Holders
Wooden Star Key Holders
Wooden Star Key Holders
Wooden Star Key Holders

Hello Friends,

Have you ever had items you’ve kept for years thinking one of these days it’ll be handy, well, wooden stars that were given to me by my mom years ago finally have become something other than being stored in a tote. Thanks mom for all those craft items šŸ™‚

A bit of clay paint, nails, washers, wire and WALA! I have created a place to stow your keys at the entrance of your home. I had a lot of fun making these one-of -kind holders but moving on to other projects.

If you want to check out my tutorial how I made them, check it out here:Ā https://cristascutefluff.wordpress.com/wooden-star-key-holders/

Mirror Old to New


Hello, Friends!

Let’s say you have a frame that is a bit outdated and you cringe just looking at it. I had such a frame but instead of throwing the item away like others would do, I decided to give it a make over.

If you want to see how to give an old frameĀ a updated look then check out my tutorialĀ here:Ā https://cristascutefluff.wordpress.com/old-frame-ideas/