Wool Pets: Making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle, by Laurie Sharp

English: Needle Felting Book


Laurie Sharp is one of my ultimate favorite needle felting authors! I recommend her if you’re a beginner or experienced needle felter. She mainly covers needle felting but in this book she touches on some wet felting projects.
Her husband, Kevin Sharp, takes clear pictures where you could needle felt without reading the instructions. But Laurie’s,  excellent instructions are very helpful, clear step by step procedures in making a project. I’m new to wet felting so I appreciated, Laurie’s guidance when she touched on a few wet felting projects.
All her creations are super cute just like the cute humming birds I made below. I made the humming birds with tooth picks instead of wool-like beaks as Laurie, demonstrated in her book. The cute humming birds took me 6 hours each to make with the traditional repeated poking of the barbed needle. Needle felting as a craft is not a quick procedure and it doesn’t seem to matter about the size of the project.


                   I recommend getting yourself a copy at Amazon! See link below 🙂

Wool Pets: Making 20 Figures with Wool Roving and a Barbed Needle

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