Happy Holidays!

Hello, Folks!

I want to say to all my crafting friends, Happy Holidays! I hope you all have an awesome time with your family and friends, it’s a time to eat plenty and be merry. No more stressing! Take a deep breath and say it’s not supposed to be perfect. Do we remember those perfect moments? No, we remember those silly moments when you forget to stuff the turkey.

Here I am, showing off my mom’s scarf and mitts she made me. I love the colors! Thanks again, mom ❤

We’ll see you folks in the new year,  2016!


Snow Covered Decorative Bottle Vases

Milk glass jars transformed (11)

Hello Folks!

I hope you’ve been well!
I want to share my latest tutorial of how to reuse glass or plastic bottles. All you need is space, Epsom salts, Tacky spray and time.
You can check it out here.  The once useless bottles will become useful again! Make them into beautiful vases for dried flowers or other decorations.

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